These Charts Will Help Any Makeup Idiots

Okay, we can’t promise you that you will become an instant hit with makeup right after this article. (For that kind of thing, we’re going to suggest you visit these people: RhaeaEstelle, Michelle Phan, and if you want something a little bit hard, check out this guy Michael James). But now, however, in this set, we’re just going to share with you some charts that will definitely help you and your awkwardness towards these colorful things. It’s pretty much just a bunch of guides that will tell you what kind of routine you should have to get better skin, a chart for the color of makeup you should buy and pretty basic things like that.

Having trouble what kind of brush you need? No need to worry, this guide from Drugstore Princess will surely give you the information on everything you need to know what kind of brushes are available out there

Just make sure to know the difference between the brush for your face the brush they use for art.

Beautylish has this guide for knowing what kind of tone you have

Jenny Chang from Buzzfeed gives you a quick guide on which items you can store and which items you should ditch!

Iheartmakeupart provides you with a guide on how to make a winged eyeliner

Here's something from Wake Up For Makeup, do you know how to use your products?

The Blondeshell provides a good guide on how to apply blush with your specific face shape