Instagram's 25 Hottest Beauty Bloggers

People these days are so in tune with modern beauty and fashion tips. You’d probably want to get in on all the action, especially if you really want to make an impression on everyone around you. Thanks to Instagram, you’ve found a number of bloggers who are not only able to help you in looking good, but also serve as eye candy in their respective ways. If we didn’t know any better, they were probably models themselves, and we’re pretty right on some of the following bloggers.

Julia Hengel

Only 23 years old, this San Francisco-based blogger has certainly risen up the ranks in Instagram. She’s got such a massive fallowing across several social media platforms. Her beautiful aesthetic combined with her knowledge of cosmetics and fashion certainly earned her a lot of followers. She’s even get her very own website, mind you.

Julie Sariñana

Blair Eadie

Sam Chapman

Kristina Bazan