Goth Holidays

This is one scenario that we never thought we'd see in a million years.  How can you take the concept of emo-goth rocker kids posing with Santa seriously?  This has got to be one of the most awkward family photos we've ever seen, truth be told.  We wonder if Santa himself feels a little out of place, since the rest of his company look like they belong in a mosh pit.

Of angels and adult diapers

When they decided to dress up as angels for Christmas, Dad went overboard by wearing  those adult diapers. Even his cute son is even surprised an confused that his dad is copying his style. But, mom doesn't mind at all and she's fine with it. This is a really funny photo, right? Happy Holidays everyone!

Dad, we can't breathe!

Nah, this dad is only joking. He thought that it's funny. But, his family finds it funny and their faces even show it. Even Junior in the middle is hair-raisingly happ y about this photo. So, could we be happy for them, too?

There's too much space

Am I the only one who can't get this photo? I mean there's so much space there and what those three did was pose at the back of the girl sitting in the sofa. Is she inflicted with some sort of disease? If not, then this is a pretty awkward family photo.

Monkey business

No words for this...