25 Most Ridiculous And Out-Of-This World Family Photos

Goth Holidays

A family is a very special part of a person. It's the shock absorber of all problems and it's what you go home to during summer breaks, Christmas and Thanksgiving. It's a part of you which you keep going to even when you're older. But sometimes, to treasure the memoirs together, all they could do was take a picture so that it would always be remembered. Some families are doing just that, but pictures are better kept in the safe rather than posted in social media. So, here are some of the families who wished that they could redo all the pictures they had together. After all, it's a family portrait, right? What is it with naked family pictures. Well, this couple is almost naked and  their cats have way more layers than them. What those cats did not like is when they were made to be the cover-up of Mr. and Mrs. Weirdos here. I bet the next second that this couple finished their photo session, they just left to search for a new family.

This is one scenario that we never thought we'd see in a million years.  How can you take the concept of emo-goth rocker kids posing with Santa seriously?  This has got to be one of the most awkward family photos we've ever seen, truth be told.  We wonder if Santa himself feels a little out of place, since the rest of his company look like they belong in a mosh pit.

Of angels and adult diapers

When they decided to dress up as angels for Christmas, Dad went overboard by wearing  those adult diapers. Even his cute son is even surprised an confused that his dad is copying his style. But, mom doesn't mind at all and she's fine with it. This is a really funny photo, right? Happy Holidays everyone!