Indeed, humans come from monkeys

Would you like to guess how long they climbed the tree and position themselves like that? This family really put in so much effort in doing this. They just wanted a perfect family portrait. But, this is way too much effort.

Badges of honor

That is a scout's promise. This family is very active in their community and helps you every now and then. But, you will agree with me that sometimes, scouts are so annoying that even when you don't need any help at all, they will always help you. But, it runs in the blood and they have a passion for service.

When her mom and dad just loves to dress-up

When it's the costume county fair, everyone puts their best foot forward. Well, for dad, he surely put all of his best feet forward and backward. Guess we're not surprised to find out that he actually won the Best Costume award for this year. And luckily, his family is there to support him.

Overtaking his dad's possession

Dadda has learned to share with his son. Look at that happy face of his. It's like reaching for chocolates and sweets hidden beneath. And, mom isn't even surprised. You're lucky that your dad is not very possessive, kiddo.

Dear God...

Sorry, Dad!

If you did not laugh for the first time you see this, look again for the difference in the photo. Now, did you get it? Well, probably you would be laughing by now. We feel bad for dad, for having no locks but it's okay, this family photo isn't so bad after all. Again, not so bad at all doesn't mean it's good.