Looking up instructions on how to create a costume

You’ve already got the Internet. Everything’s at your disposal, mildly speaking. Yet, you’re probably looking for an easier way to make that costume. The search continues and you start feeling your fingers crumbling away.

Starting to decorate way too early

My God, it’s like Christmas all over again. You know you have to do it, though. You need to get the rest of the family into the spirit of things. As much as it annoys you to see these décor for nearly an entire month, you’ll just have to deal with.

Dealing with your kids raving about the Pumpkin Patch

You probably will get tired of their endless raving. They won’t stop talking about it. It’s not that they appreciate pumpkins. It’s just that it’s essentially an amusement park, and you know they want to have a lot of fun. You’d have no choice but to indulge them.

Oh, the memories

You’ve had your fair share of Halloween parties when you were younger. There’s also a good set of pictures of you getting drunk as heck floating around on the Web. One of your friends posts it on your Facebook profile. Your kid, whom you’re “friends” with on Facebook, sees it and you’re just embarrassed about it.

When Charlie Brown starts teaching your kids how to say bad words

You’re probably going to put on the Peanuts Halloween Special on for your kids to watch. They’ll eventually catch on to the many times the word “stupid” is being said. They’ll start saying it nonstop around the house. You, on the other hand, will do your best to convince them that it’s not a nice thing to say.

The hard work that goes into creating their costumes

Your children won’t understand this at all. To them, they’re just looking to dress up in the coolest manner. All your hard work goes unrecognized. Even when you don’t know how to make the perfect costume, you’re still going to try your hardest, even without all the available resources.