Struggling to decide on their costume

They’ve already told you what they wanted. You spend hours on coming up with a costume for them, weeks even. By the time Halloween comes, they change their minds. You’d probably be tempted to spank them.

Trying out costumes because of pressure from your kids

As the parent, you’re the one who has to inspire the Halloween vibes into your kids. However, they won’t be so keen on playing dress up if you’re not up for it either. Hence, you’d have to play along. That means you’re going to have to put in additional effort. That’s all because you love your kids so much.

Getting sucked into joining traditions

“You’ve been BOOED.” Sound familiar to you? Yes, it’s one of those things that you wish you didn’t have to deal with. Sure, you may get free candies and treats, but hey, you’re so hipster you just want your family to have your own little celebration.

Making sure you’ve got all the right components

Tempter tantrums

Some of your kids may actually be too young to appreciate Halloween. They may find the idea of having to be dressed up as annoying. They’d want to get rid of it and start throwing tantrums everywhere. You, on the other hand, just put up a smile while clearly screaming internally.

The displays at stores just keep getting scarier

You’ll probably take your kids around for a bit of shopping. There’s a pretty big chance you just might pass by a boutique with a scarily hideous display. The children will probably bawl their eyes out at the first sight of it. You’ll be left to tend to them and calm them down.