Tempter tantrums

Some of your kids may actually be too young to appreciate Halloween. They may find the idea of having to be dressed up as annoying. They’d want to get rid of it and start throwing tantrums everywhere. You, on the other hand, just put up a smile while clearly screaming internally.

The displays at stores just keep getting scarier

You’ll probably take your kids around for a bit of shopping. There’s a pretty big chance you just might pass by a boutique with a scarily hideous display. The children will probably bawl their eyes out at the first sight of it. You’ll be left to tend to them and calm them down.

Keeping your kids away from Halloween fever

It’s all part of the shopping experience. You bring your kids along, and they’ll see something they like. They’ll want you to buy something for them, only this time it’s all Halloween goodies. If you don’t do so, you’re just going to be dealing with a public tantrum.

The potential to create a Pinterest fail

You know you’ll be spending a lot of time making Halloween treats. You’re just not too confident in your skills. There are already enough instructions provided, but there’s this constant paranoia lurking in the back of your mind. The last thing you want is to be known for creating an epic fail of a treat.

Those Halloween themed movies on repeat

As we mentioned before, you want the family to get into the Halloween spirit. This also means having to let some movies based around the annual celebration running on TV. You’ll probably be popping those DVDs and Blu-Rays nonstop, interchanging titles every now and then. Yes, watching the same stuff over and over again gets annoying, but your kids love it, so….

The next door neighbor wearing nothing but lingerie

Yes, even to them, that could be considered a costume. They’ll just parade around in it so shamelessly. Meanwhile, you’re trying to cover up your children’s eyes. Oh, the struggles of having to deal with highly inappropriate costumes, right?