16 Parents Who Proved to Be Unforgettably Awesome!

Patient parents deserve their spot too!

Being a parent is hard, there’s no manual to be found and no matter how many times you read one self help book after the other… You’re still missing pointers from time to time, kids are going crazy that you won’t let them do chores with you. Then the next day, they’re so mad at you for making them stay too much at home. And without knowing it, they’ll be off to college where you’ll only see them once a year. But don’t worry, for all the times you have failed… you know you did a plethora of good things. However, if you feel like you need to up the ante and do some really hilarious things (to teach your kid a lesson while traumatizing them?), then maybe you might want to ditch those self help books and check out what these hilarious parents did!

"Oh my god"