16 Kids Who Has it all Figured out (Part one)

Kids are extremely honest, almost painfully so, and what’s not to like about that right? After all, we want our kids to grow up as individuals who know who they are and honesty is one of the best things to instil on someone. So when you’re honest, you pretty much know what you want and you kinda figure how you’re going to get it, sometimes good and sometimes bad but you will get it. Check out these kids who managed to figure out what they really want!

This is the kind of kid we're talking about, and they're not afraid to work hard for what they want!

This kid is so funny! He must have seen the Little Mermaid movie a few too many times. At least he knows better than to beg his parents for the money. They are doing something right.

Although missing the so called Hump, we should really give this kid some props for being very original

Do we smell a Rolling Stones fan?

In other words: A bum

This kid has got his priorities right

Hey, this is the kind of thinking one should be doing really.