15 of the Greatest Moms Known to Man

Bet you thought moms were far from being cool, huh? Maybe you just don’t see yours in a perspective other than “I hate her.” Yet, if you actually give her a chance, you just might find that she could be the most hilarious person you’ve ever had in your life. Heck, all we know is that the moms who actually did the following things get an A+ in our books.

The best piece of clothing any mom could give.

It’s Christmas and the cold’s getting to you. Your mom clearly cares a lot about you and what you think of the present situation. Hence, this gift is certainly what you would need, and she’s all too willing to give it to you.

The mom who doesn’t give a damn if her son’s in the Marine Corps.


The mom who’s clearly in the Christmas spirit.


When she actually went to school with a celebrity…


The mom who intentionally took things literally.


The mom who is secretly a Sith Lord.