Mr. Tea Infuser

If you don't like the idea of tea bags, Mr. Infuser is here to help you out. Just pull of the pants, put the tea leaves inside, tuck the pants and infuse all the way. It's not only functional, but it's entertaining as well. It is just enough to pump start your morning habit.

Instead of serving everything on a plate, why not buy one of these. It's very efficient especially during special occasions or picnics. Those cheese, crackers and fruits will never be mixed together ever again. You will not get confused anymore to what snack you'll get. It's very organized and let's face it, it's more presentable this way.

Always losing your teabag inside your mug? This cute snail tea bag holder will be your best friend if you are a tea lover. It will hold the tea bag in place plus you'll never lost that string again. Plus, it's too cute to miss out.

Silicone Food Cover

When you have some leftovers, this food cover could save you a lot of cash. By using it, it preserves food for days. This is the ultimate food saver needed in the kitchen. The best part is it is reusable so ka-ching!

Food Saver Sealers

Ever had that leftover chips or a bag of sugar or nuts? You don't need another container to transfer because of this food saver sealer. It creates vacuum and anything that's inside a wrapper, it can immediately seal. It's reusable and cost efficient in the kitchen.

Our canned goods are often filled with water in it. We open the can, we get a strainer and we get the goods. It's very time consuming and we are always looking for the fastest way possible to do things. So, this can strainer came along and did just that. You just put it on the opened can and strain and out comes the water that you don't need.