3-in-1 (grater/juicer/funnel) Kitchen Apparatus

Now, not only to save time but also to save space. This 3-in-1 grater-juicer-funnel will be the most ingenious thing that inventors came up with. Not only that it is useful, but it's also the best way to make salads and sauces using only one tool. It will definitely make your kitchen a clean and spill-free environment.

Equal Pie Parter

To avoid sibling fights, this is the solution. Everyone wants a bigger share of course. But to be just, one's share must be equal as the others. This is the ultimate kitchen must have that measure pizza and fruit pies equally leaving no room for error.

Fun Egg Shapers

These egg shapers are what you need to get the mojo going in the mornings. If it can bring smiles to your kids' faces, why not? Serving eggs could not get anymore cooler than this. It's the ultimate weapon to turn sleepy mornings into glorious ones.

Milk Dispenser

You and your kids love milk so this milk dispenser is there to help. If you are not there, your kids can easily pour some milk into their own glasses. No more spills, no more rags and no more cleaning sprays. You just attach it to the milk jug and out comes the milk.

Mr. Tea Infuser

If you don't like the idea of tea bags, Mr. Infuser is here to help you out. Just pull of the pants, put the tea leaves inside, tuck the pants and infuse all the way. It's not only functional, but it's entertaining as well. It is just enough to pump start your morning habit.

Instead of serving everything on a plate, why not buy one of these. It's very efficient especially during special occasions or picnics. Those cheese, crackers and fruits will never be mixed together ever again. You will not get confused anymore to what snack you'll get. It's very organized and let's face it, it's more presentable this way.