Pencil Desk Accessories

Let's face it, those pencils are just scattered everywhere inside and outside the house (even in your car). Gather them up and make these awesome pencil desk accessories. You just need some construction glue and imagination to pull this one off. Who would have thought that pencils can be pencil holders at the same time? Plus, your kids will love what you did on their desks for sure.

Composition Book iPad/tablet cover

Don't throw that old composition book or notebook just yet. Tear off the pages and put some more garters and some carton strips and you have now a cover for your tablet. It's something that's unique that your kid wants to have. Plus, you don't have to spend anything for it.

DIY watercolor cards

Instead of throwing away your kids' leftover watercolor, use the last squirt of paint to make DIY cards. This is a great project with your kids to prepare for celebrations and invitations that need these cards. You do not have to buy the ready made ones in the store that costs so much. The good thing is you can keep them in a box and use them when needed.

Post-It Calendar Planner

Keep forgetting birthdays and recitals? Pick some Post-its and create a big calendar for the whole family. I'm sure your kids will also use it for their school works and events. There are just too many things to remember and everyone needs to be posted on the daily-do activities.

Color pencil bracelets

When your kids ditched those colored pencils from last year, you don't have to throw them out just yet. Make these bracelets with your kids to kick start an awesome school year. Just make sure to guide your kids in making holes on the chopped colored pencils where the string  will be inserted. Your kid will be the hippest and chicest kid in school from now on!

Washi Tape notebooks and pencils

Is it me or the notebooks and pencils seem plainer and plainer each passing year? If you have some leftover washi tapes from last Christmas, you can still use them to make awesome designs to fill up those ordinary notebooks and pencils. It's fun to do with your kids and the results are awesome!