15 DIY School Supply Hacks That Parents and Kids Must Try

Post-It Calendar Planner

Keep forgetting birthdays and recitals? Pick some Post-its and create a big calendar for the whole family. I'm sure your kids will also use it for their school works and events. There are just too many things to remember and everyone needs to be posted on the daily-do activities.

Color pencil bracelets

When your kids ditched those colored pencils from last year, you don't have to throw them out just yet. Make these bracelets with your kids to kick start an awesome school year. Just make sure to guide your kids in making holes on the chopped colored pencils where the string  will be inserted. Your kid will be the hippest and chicest kid in school from now on!

Washi Tape notebooks and pencils

Is it me or the notebooks and pencils seem plainer and plainer each passing year? If you have some leftover washi tapes from last Christmas, you can still use them to make awesome designs to fill up those ordinary notebooks and pencils. It's fun to do with your kids and the results are awesome!

Ruler pencil/pen holders

Do you have your kids' ruler from last year and the year before that? Take them out and crate these one-of-a-kind pen holders that will perk up your desk from boringness. Some adhesive will do the trick and of course, there no limitations on the design you would want to make. Classic and organized is what you are aiming for.

Eraser USB cover

When the case of your flash drive broke, don't immediately throw it away. Test if the USB is still working. If it is, then you can salvage it by putting the USB in a carved eraser. The size of the eraser must coincide with the size of the USB. Your kid will store his/her e-files with style from now on.

Elmer's Glue Tie Dye Tee

School just started and everyone is busy going in and out of the school supply section of the mall. It is that time of the year that parents are willing to spend big money when it comes to supporting their kids education. But buying the same items every year adds up! Here are some ways you can save money and have your kids going to school with the coolest school supplies in the class. Not only that these DIYs will save you a lot of money, but you can also have fun making them with your kids!