15 DIY School Supply Hacks That Parents and Kids Must Try

Eraser USB cover

When the case of your flash drive broke, don't immediately throw it away. Test if the USB is still working. If it is, then you can salvage it by putting the USB in a carved eraser. The size of the eraser must coincide with the size of the USB. Your kid will store his/her e-files with style from now on.

Elmer's Glue Tie Dye Tee

School just started and everyone is busy going in and out of the school supply section of the mall. It is that time of the year that parents are willing to spend big money when it comes to supporting their kids education. But buying the same items every year adds up! Here are some ways you can save money and have your kids going to school with the coolest school supplies in the class. Not only that these DIYs will save you a lot of money, but you can also have fun making them with your kids!

Artsy phone case

Tired of looking for a phone case because you just can't find the kind of design that will really show you as a person. Ditch those accessory stores and get some colored pens from your desk. But first, you need to buy an all white phone case first. Now, decorate it yourself for that unique vibe that you're looking for.

Binder clip cord keepers

Who could have thought that clip binders could have this kind of purpose? To keep track of your windy wires, clip those binders on your desk and make them cord keepers. In this way, no wire will be tangled and it's easier to locate the charger of your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Remember, if you are organized in your things, you are happy!

Embroidered notebook

Now, if you really have time, turn those boring notebook covers into something more 3D-ish. Get some needle and thread to make an awesome embroidered notebook. Your kid would also want to try this one for him/her. Make sure to help your kid when doing this especially when holding those pointy materials like the needle and scissors.

Pompom bookmarks

Don't stick with those ready-to-buy yarn bookmarks. They are just too mainstream. Your kid deserve something cooler than that. Why not attach a pompom on a popsicle stick? It is not very costly and a pompom is easier to find than a string. That scruffy thing will make your kid want to read a book in an instant.