You don't want to, but you really want to post one more photo of your kid. You promise it'll be the last one (it won't).

Every minute on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can't just have enough of that cutesy. But, your friends had it already and they just want you to stop. So please, there's still tomorrow to post everything.

This is you when people are trying to tell you how to take care of your kid. (Or when you see other parents take care of their children)

Well, you better tell them to mind their own business. Every mom and dad has his/her ups and downs. I mean come on, this just happened and they're kind of surprised that it happened!

That heavy feeling of love filling your heart when you know that there is nothing in this world as perfect as your child

When you only want to snuggle with it all day long. Even the most hateful person will change into an angel once he sees that bundle of joy. A baby is something that can change the world so go ahead and multiply!

You've been having breakdowns six out of seven in one day

Being crazy is normal when you get a baby. Sometimes, you'll feel a different person, the one that goes to a mental institution. And that is just it, you decided to have it and now you suffer the consequences.

Your baby is the world's cutest, smartest and is literally like better than your baby. Like come on. #BabyMasterRace

When loving parents just adore their baby so much, they seriously can't have enough of it. It's really an obsession. Sometimes, it's scary to watch them just looking at those babies. You'll understand once you have one.

We all know you deserve that extra five minutes in the tub, you earned it well enough!

Well, that five minutes is all you've got now. Better make use of it than waste it. It's a matter of time when mommy duties and diapers call.