Your baby is the world's cutest, smartest and is literally like better than your baby. Like come on. #BabyMasterRace

When loving parents just adore their baby so much, they seriously can't have enough of it. It's really an obsession. Sometimes, it's scary to watch them just looking at those babies. You'll understand once you have one.

We all know you deserve that extra five minutes in the tub, you earned it well enough!

Well, that five minutes is all you've got now. Better make use of it than waste it. It's a matter of time when mommy duties and diapers call.

We're pretty sure this is how you looked during the first time you held your baby

Once you get a baby, you'll be a professional juggler. There is no such thing as having your hands full. It will makes sense when you have one.

You often poke your baby from time to time to make sure they're still alive

Poking your baby will be your newest hobby from now on. You could not resist those puffy cheeks any longer. Just make sure not to poke too hard and too long.