10 Stars With Horrible Teeth

Hollywood is filled to the brim with famous people whom we all admire. Every time we see these celebrities, we often keep our attention to them because they’re the personifications of success in such a diverse industry. However, do remember that they’re also human and are by no means exemplifications of perfection. In fact, many of them often smile with rather ugly teeth. Don’t believe us? Look at these guys and gals then.

Mike Tyson

It’s the baddest of the bad in the world of boxing.  Mike Tyson, or Iron Mike as he was once called, has made a reputation of knocking people’s teeth out with his devastating punches.  However, his own set of teeth are definitely ugly, with two of them replaced by gold caps to hide away the fact that they’re pretty busted.


Madonna is definitely a legend in the world of music.  She’s known for her smoldering sexuality as well as several hit records that spans three decades.  She doesn’t have the best looking teeth around, but with all her accomplishments, we’ll let that slide.